Apple launches new MacBook Pro

Latest technology news confirmed that Apple released new MacBook Pro: Thin and lightest ever, with bar and Touch ID sensor, trackpad doubles. Apple‘s latest notebook has identical with the reveal information before. Right now, at the launch event of new Apple computer, MacBook Pro (MBP) has officially arrived. It is a laptop with a lot of differences in design and features, promises to create a great experience than ever before.


Tim Cook introduces new Macbook Pro

Regarding design, the new MacBook Pro will become the thinnest MacBook Pro and lightest ever. Specifically, the 13-inch MBP will only 14,9mm thick, 17% thinner than the previous generation. As for the 15-inch MBP, the thickness of this device is 15mm and the previous generation is 18mm. The weight of two new machines will 1.3 and 1.8 kg, very impressed when they are completed mostly from metal.


Touch Bar

The biggest highlight of two new MBPs is the appearance of Touch Bar which has arrived in recent rumors. This new component will replace the F1-F12 function key sequence previously. Not too surprised when the fingerprint sensor for the first time appeared on an Apple notebook. Touch ID is located to the right of Touch Bar and likely doubles task as the power button.


Speaking a little deeper about the Touch Bar, this particular sensor bar allows users to comfortably customize the functionality or even browse photos right on it. Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, also appeared on the latest version of MacOS. And a function key to activate Siri at Touch Bar seems to be extremely handy.


Apple added a lot of information about the Touch Bar. It can be used to browse the emoji. And it even supports the programming for developers when integrating the code into the terminal up right over there.

These innovations have yet to stop there. We have a keyboard are rearranged a bit and especially large touchpad twice before. The touchpad of the MacBook Air which has been very large and sensitive. The increase in the size of this touchpad will definitely help the new MacBook Pro as tiger sprouted wings.


The screen on the new MacBook also has some changes. Brightness is now higher 67%, contrast ratio also rose 67%. Especially the new MBP with a screen can display more the number of colors up to 25%, great!



About the configuration, Macbook Pro of course still have the highest option of processors is Intel Core i7, RAM DDR4 maximum 64GB and especially the option of SSD storing up to 2TB compared to previous 1TB milestone. This new SSD ultra-fast speeds, 3,1GB / s higher than 50% compared to the previous generation of MBP.


Graphics technology on the new MBP will certainly be AMD’s GPU Polaris, in the presentation slides, Apple stated that it was a Radeon GPU and manufactured on 14nm process. This GPU will have 4GB of VRAM and graphics to add power to 2.3 times higher than before.

MacBook Pro

Apple also paid special attention to heat dissipation issues when creating an optimal design, allowing hot air to escape easily. New MBP will run extremely quiet, no noise, the only thing will be noisy is speaker of the machine, said Apple representative. The new speaker will be upgraded to have larger volume and clearer.

Finally, with all the upgrades of the configuration, the new MBP will have gaming performance increase 60%, the ability to edit video 57% stronger and especially the graphics power increase 130% compared to the previous generation.

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