Apple accepted less creative than Microsoft

Apple accepted less creative than Microsoft because they have had their own strategy. When Studio Surface PC completely was launched, Microsoft has established an unthinkable exploit: Greater than Apple. Let’s find out the affirmation of top digital information technology sites in our interesting tech news.

Sharp screen, ultra-thin, intelligent design with innovative hinge mechanism of Studio Surface. All of that had made Business Insider to make statements that Studio is not a computer. This is a type of computing device completely new, a type of desktop hybrid with desks + tablet that makes everyone excited. A day later, when Apple ’s event in Cupertino, they have launched a new line of MacBook Pro design such dissimilar to the MacBook we’ve seen over the years. An only new thing here is adding a touchscreen strip named Touch Bar integrated fingerprint.


When Microsoft makes customers excited with the Surface Pro tablet, the Surface Book laptop and now Surface Studio computer, what is Apple doing? Many Apple fans are wondering why Apple did not launch a Mac computer is better?

Almost no answer because you see, the replacement device for the Mac was born and it’s called the iPhone.

Apple is in the process of technology transfer

Apple is highly valued companies in the world and they achieved this thanks to the iPhone. It is true that Android smartphone market dominance. But the end of 2015, the profit iPhone brings to Apple more than all the profits of all major Android smartphone manufacturer combined.

In addition, iPhone helps service businesses including Apple Music, Apple’s iCloud … Sales of these services account for about 30% of transactions on the App Store.

Finally, the development of the iPhone reduces the importance of the Apple’s Mac computer. Looking at this chart you will see from 2011 to date Mac computer’s sales continued to decline.


For huge cash reserves, amounted to $ 231 billion, Apple absolutely can invest in businesses Macs. And they launched a MacBook has the ability to compete with Surface Studio.

However, now Apple is not interested in money or beat Microsoft in the personal computer market. Apple never admits it, but the fact that they’re freezing array Macs.

Press Pause

While Apple fans want a Mac computer with the touch screen, Apple has a larger goal that is iPhone and iPad. Shipped a computer touch-screen Mac during this time can make the market confused. The developer will have to search harder and adapt to touchscreen MacBook. The overall transition from PC to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad. And paused by the customer has to spend the time to find out if they work better with an iPad Pro or a Mac computer monitors touchscreen.

Cannot deny that most people, especially students and creative professionals, are having difficulty to work on the iPhone or iPad.


But let’s look back and see what you can do with the current iPhone and cannot be done on the first-generation iPhone launched in 2007. When Apple unveiled the Apple Store, the tools such as Google Docs on iPhone brings new and convenient. And now, when these applications are updated and their feature list is filled, they become part of a normal working day for millions of people.

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