Apple uses Google’s server to store data iCloud

This is a strange decision when the fact Apple and Google are two formidable opponents on the world arena technologyCurrently, both Apple and Google have not yet commented on this case. Although Britain’s BBC says it has verified Apple’s data storage iCloud service on the Google Cloud Platform is real.

Previously, Apple has acknowledged the use of two platform Amazon Web Services AWS and Azure of Microsoft to store customer’s data. However, Google, Amazon or Microsoft will be just a place to store information which related to Apple customers who use iCloud. But cannot directly access the user’s data. The data will not be able to access and get information from iCloud by service providers store. Because Apple already finds out and uses a modern encryption technology. This is what Chris Green technology expert evaluation.


Recently, Google’s rivals are Amazon and Microsoft on the market data services and online computer. That outstripped in market share, efficiency, and sales. Revenue from Google Cloud Platform in the financial report of the fourth quarter in 2015 only a fraction of the revenue Amazon earned from AWS Amazon Web Services. This time, the partnership with Apple is a prerequisite for requiring Google provides hosting services for the web and other companies. CRN is the first website reported on the deal between Apple and Google. They said Apple has reached an agreement with Google Cloud Platform on the data storage iCloud end of last year.

The new market price is the reason

Many people believe that Apple use Google services is a strange decision because these are two rival cloud companies. But according to CRN, the painting of the new market price is the deciding factor and the main reason. Apple is trying to reduce its reliance on Amazon Web Services. While that in February, all the news said that Apple has spent about $ 1 billion for this web service. Meanwhile, if using Google Cloud Platform, they calculated that Apple will only have to pay from 400 to 600 million. Although the price has not been officially confirmed yet.

Talking to CRN, technology expert Michael Freaser said that although Google is not a strong and popular brand in the cloud market which provides hosting services. Google provides the service at the cheapest price with the best quality. But Amazon holds 31% market share, while information shows Google only holds 4% of the market. That is why many enterprises choose to Amazon Web Services for these reasons. They do not want or do not have enough funds and resources to build a database system for themselves. However, Google Cloud Platform will attract more potential customers such as Best Buy, Coca-Cola, HTC.

About Apple, reaching an agreement with Google will help it put much pressure on Amazon and Microsoft services. A discount on the customer service Apple iCloud, according to many experts and professional, is entirely probable.

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