BlackBerry has surrendered the present

Whether BlackBerry may not want to live anymore? Whether the launch of an ordinary smartphone manufactured by a foreign company is a confirmation that the phone company wants to give up the game and dig his own grave? Blackberry DTEK50 is the new smartphone release. But what more for this mobile phone company?

The pioneering mobile phone company has recently launched its second Android product line. While investors are screaming CEO John Chen abandoned the hopeless business segment of handset. However, BlackBerry DTEK50 has already been released.

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Generally, Blackberry DTEK50 has nothing special. As a cheap Android line manufactured in China, DTEK50 has been sold at the price of USD 300. It is only half compared with the price of a new iPhone. As usual, this smartphone also comes with Google Play Store. And there are series of separate security software by BlackBerry which most people never use.

Obviously, BlackBerry are struggling for a victory which is increasingly instant. Although you under-estimate the BlackBerry smartphone, you should note that it was 40% of the source of company revenue. It seems that the CEO John Chen never stop giving up hope about the useless security software. Because it brings BlackBerry a huge revenue. Chen also said he would take time to September this year. That will give the company the last chance to turn around, turn the handset segment into the moneymaker.

DTEK50 – the newest smartphone of BlackBerry

DTEK50 – the newest smartphone of BlackBerry

However, what you imagine about the doting CEO like Chen? He believed that Priv, the first line of Android of the company, would not be successful. His reason is it is too expensive (USD 700). Mario Aguilar, our review expert asserted that he would not buy Priv even if someone gave him money.

Blackberry DTEK50

Mario is not the only one. On July, the US Senate also formally notified about the end of using the smartphone line of Classic, Passport, Z10, Z30 and Q10 from the longtime partner of BlackBerry. This announcement is not surprising after Dutch police claims to have successfully cracked its super security equipment worth USD 2000.

The concept of removing headphone jack has not come out until the rumor that Apple will remove the headphone jack in the next generation of iPhone which is going to be launched on the autumn this year appears. Instead of using headphone jack, the new iPhone will use the Lightning port to connect with headphones or speakers.  The headphones with 3.5 mm jack can connected with the new iPhone of an adapter. You obviously can use Bluetooth.

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Removing headphone jack brings several benefits such as improving audio quality and better control music applications as well as the phone itself. In addition, the thickness of the smartphone also decreases when having no headphone jack.

Everyone may ask: Whether BlackBerry may not want to live anymore? Whether the launch of an ordinary smartphone which come from a foreign company is a confirmation that the company wants to give up the game and dig his own grave?

Let’s see how DTEK50 is hot, you may have to wait a very long time.

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