Business segment cloud computing of Amazon Web Services is more than double compared to Microsoft, Google and IBM combined

Research firm Synergy Research Group recently published a report showing Amazon Web Services completely overwhelming compared to the competitors in the cloud computing market. Specifically, the latest quarterly analysis report, Synergy said AWS account for 45% of revenue generated by the service provider of public infrastructure (IaaS).

IaaS is cloud computing market that Amazon pioneered. Companies using IaaS can rent computers and data storage on the internet and pay only for what they use. At the IaaS market, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are the three companies ranked just after the Amazon. And the three companies together still not equal to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services

However, there are still forms of other cloud computing services. Amazon is also a leader in providing this kind of service platform (PaaS). Companies and developers can use to write and save PaaS applications on cloud computing network.

Last quarter, sales of Amazon Web Services is more than $ 3.2 billion. Amazon is on track to achieve the target of 12 billion in revenue this year from Amazon Web Services.

Scale game

Synergy said IBM is a provider of cloud computing privately services the largest. Private Cloud computing is a marketing buzzword. The company bought computer equipment and data centers in the old way. And then they install it into the center of their own data. This term also refers to the use of software and techniques to help manage data center operations. It is with efficiency similar to those big internet companies (such as Google, Amazon …) construction building and operating their data centers.

Although Microsoft Azure is growing and Google is having a strong motivation. And they are getting the attention of many large enterprises. But some leaders in the industry still think Amazon dominate the computing market cloud. And they are very difficult to overcome.

Amazon has won a half, the game was over, said Mark Lewis, former CTO, and chief strategy officer at EMC, shared. Lewis is currently founder and CEO of a startup called Formation Data Storage Systems. And EMC now owned by Dell.


The main reason why Amazon harder to overcome was the cloud computing market depends heavily on the scale. The more data centers are larger, the more easily the providers of cloud computing share the prices for customers and discount on services while they still can add more services.

In fact, in the previous quarter, VMware – one opponent wanted to beat Amazon – had to surrender. Currently, VMware has become a partner to sell Amazon Web Services for customers and help customers easily using Amazon Web Services with VMware software.

Others still believe they can beat Amazon. Or, at least they can develop on par with Amazon by cloud computing market is very young and still growing like crazy.

Synergy estimates that quarterly revenue of array infrastructure services cloud computing (including IaaS, PaaS and cloud computing in particular) currently at over $ 8 billion and continue to grow 50% annually.

The market research firm also said that those who come later are growing extremely fast, typically Alibaba (IaaS) and Oracle (PaaS).

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