Cloud Server versus Dedicated Server

What makes Cloud Server is dominant compared with the virtual private server VPS is the high availability because of the independence of a separate physical server like VPS Free. So what is the differences between Cloud Server versus Dedicated Server? By the way, this could help you distinguish?

Server initialization Cloud Server

  • First of all, Cloud Server allows selecting and initialize servers in accordance with the desired configuration.
  • No cost to create, the initialization process of Cloud Servers is fully automatic via Web-portal
  • No long-term contracts with many risks.
  • Dedicated Server is limited in the selections of configuration which is not pro-actively customizable on demand.
  • Cost for initialization, it takes a lot of time to initialize a server, from several hours to several days.
  • Bound by a long-term contract with the suppliers.

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server 1

Tracking and Management

  • Cloud Server provides Web-portal which helps users be proactive in monitoring and managing servers. Therefore, you can interact with the server (Shutdown, Power On, Restart), view the report on the operational status, or create backup copies, cloning virtual machines.
  • Most Dedicated Servers do not provide support tools with support you in server administration. Moreover, you have to equip by yourself or use additional services from the provider (you have to spend money for them).

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server 3

Configuration change

  • With Cloud Server, changing the configuration is completely easy with the ultra-high mobility.
  • For example: Initially, you started a server with 1GB of RAM but at the end of the month. Because the sharp increase in your demand, you need to upgrade to 8GB within 10 days. Your requirement will be met quickly with clicks on Web-portal only. Obviously, you just spend for 8GB for 10 days of use, the time before you just cost the 1GB.
  • The configuration change in Dedicated Server is normally very rigid and takes you more money than your real demand.
  • For example: The server currently having the configuration with 2GB of RAM, you almost cannot add more 256 MB or 512 MB. Typically, vendors give you the options of 1GB, 2 GB or more. Then, you just have to spend for 1GB (or more) while your demand is 256MB only. Besides, Dedicated Server virtually allows adjusting the configuration towards the upward trend rather than reducing the configuration. Moreover, Dedicated Server is the physical server so the process of configuration change takes a lot of times and is error-prone.

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server 2


  • The feature of creating Image is already available by Cloud Server. Only with a few steps in the Web-portal, you can clone the server which is working to create one or multiple servers with the similar configuration.
  • In Dedicated Server, the replication to create similar servers is impossible. Most providers do not support your request. All servers requires to install and configure at the beginning with much time and expense.

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