Criteria for choosing a server in cloud computing

The server in cloud computing is a computer or device on a network that manages network resources. For example, a file service is a computer or a device dedicating to storing files. Any user on the network can store files on the server.

The server is a networked PC with a static IP. That has high processing capacity and on which people install software to cater to other computers (clients) access to required supply services and resources. So, basically, the servers are also computers but they designed it with many features surpass. Storage capacity and data processing are also much larger than conventional computers. Servers are for storage needs and handle data in a computer network or in the internet environment. The servers are the foundation of all services on the internet. Any internet service wants to operate must adopt a particular server.


A print server is a computer that manages one or more printers. A network server is a computer that manages and control the flow of information across the network. A database service is a computer system processing database queries.

Servers are often dedicated machines. It means it performs no other tasks besides its server tasks. However, on the multi-processing operating system, a computer can execute several programs simultaneously. A server, in this case, could require the resource management program rather than a full computer.

Select servers of using function

If you do not know the functions of servers, but you have ever heard it in the past, maybe you will think of the servers as PC mystery perform amazing tasks and generally an open system.

There are many types of servers dedicated function. And they classify according to their functions and utilities. Such as web servers, database servers, FTP servers, SMTP servers (email servers), the DNS servers, DHCP servers, print servers, etc. … The enterprise server will serve the business and trade.

Before doing an intensive study into the inner workings of servers, we will start by removing what they said to be mysterious. From a hardware perspective, a server is simply a computer on your networks. It configures to share its resources or run the application to other computers on the network. You can have servers in the area to control the file or database and share it with users in your network. Or there are servers which configure to allow all the users share the printer, rather than having a printer for your personal computer in the organization.

Stuff that makes server terminology is confusing because it may relate to both hardware and software. Therefore, the servers can describe a particular software package running on a server computer … Type of servers and the type of software that you will use depends on the type of your network. LANs and WANs for example. We will use the file services and print services, while the Internet will use Web services. In this article, we provide an overview of some types of services. It could be application services, or database services, mail services, and web services.

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