The design of iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 are gradually revealed

Great work by the glass, say no to the edges of the screen and physical buttons. That is the design of iPhone 7S and iPhone 8, latest mobile phone technology news informed. The reality is, in the following days will clarify. But let’s be prepared for a year of the upcoming blockbuster in the near future.

Borderless screen, the back surface of glass tiles, removing the physical Home key. iPhone 7 does not have many new improvements in terms of exterior design. However, the Wall Street Journal said that the time between 2017 we will be comprehensive groundbreaking changes about Apple’s phone monopoly. The sources close to Bloomberg also confirms that the iPhone 8 will look like a real glasses. This might also mean the elimination of the screen border around the edges. As well as the appearance of a traditional Home button.

No edges of the screen


BGR website also refers to the upper edge of the screen section will be removed completely. It will be challenging moves. Because this is the area that contains the light sensor, the sensor space, and both front speakers external camera again. But Apple Insider suggests origin Cupertino tech company discovered new patent. They actually realize their plans by shifting this sensor below the screen that displays. Specifically, if you want to dig deeper in this area, just look for registration patent No. 9,466,653 of US, entitled Electronic devices with an integrated light sensor inside the display.


As for the size of iPhone 8, Gruber also shared that he was not sure that Apple will shrink back a bit to fit the hands of users. Or continue to rise further to integrate with current trends. Anyway, at the present time, there is no any a phone owns borderless screen design. As opposed to a few words of flattery too far from some Chinese brands or the Sharp Aquos Crystal.

Another noteworthy detail in the innovation design stages of iPhone originated in the Ming-Chi Kuo’s perspective was the back of iPhone 7S. Kuo believes that Apple will bring the glass on iPhone’s back aims to make up the unique appeal and prominent on the global phone market, especially Android. This will also impact on how Apple decides where the antenna is set, and structural supports wireless connection seems to be hidden inside another space behind.

Equipped with OLED display

Hendi Susanto of Gabelli & Co commented: only iPhone version special in 2017 is equipped with an OLED screen. This rule has been applied since the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, when the 6S Plus owned optical image stabilization advanced camera technology, the 6s was not. So there’s nothing confusing when they did not bring up the entire OLED iPhone models. According to Susanto, the reason given is that Apple may not be enough to prepare OLED display for all products sold. Reportedly, this is also partly supported the idea that Apple only produces 50 million iPhones OLED market only.

iPhone 8

Apple is expected to cooperate with Sharp Corp to launch the advanced OLED display for new iPhone generation, iPhone 8. In the last 30/9, Sharp announced $ 566 million investment to build the basis for the development of OLED display technology. They expect to arrive in June 2018 could be ready for every move production scale pig. Apple has covertly supported and created conditions for Sharp to follow this path. Amir Anvarzadeh – head of trading at BGC Partners Inc. shared in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. Apple wants to increase the competitiveness of their products, and in turn, will reduce the risk of loss for Sharp.


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