Emergent examples of the improper use of technology, serve for evil

From stealth submarines to unmanned aircraft, it may find that the drug gangs are the ones who really tech savvy. This business technology articles will give you more details about the ways they use technology trend for evil intentions.

1.Private radio network helps transmit encrypted information.


In 2011, it was discovered that the Zeta drug gang have to manually install the antenna and amplifier across Mexico to communicate en suite together. The wireless network allows these organizations to communicate on the encrypted stream, so that the police cannot be overheard their calls.

This really is a very complex system. Zeta hid the antenna and signal transfer stations where complex terrain, difficult to reach and connect them to the solar panel – according to the news site Wired. These devices will then be connected to a mobile phone and radio access equipment Nextel. Zeta has abducted a number of engineers to be able to complete this task.

2.A submarine filled with opium was detected again.


As reported by the Research Laboratory of the US Foreign Military then 80% of opium smuggled into the US from Mexico has been transported by sea, of which about 30% is used small submarines (narco- sub). Lots submarine was found carrying 7.5 tons of cocaine. The image below is a submarine submersible floating half, carrying 7 tons of cocaine was arrested in 2009.

These submarines are considered to be quite sophisticated. They are made of lead that cannot be detected by infrared. Moreover, this submarine was submerged, it is difficult to use radar or sonar to sweep out.

3.A submarine filled with opium was detected again.


These people will come to autonomous region and of course they will have autonomous underwater vehicles to transport drugs. It is difficult to detect self-propelled submarine transport drugs because it is almost invisible to the devices detect foreign objects, but that does not mean it does not exist.

4.Drone transport drugs across borders.


This is what anti-drug agency (Drug Enforcement Agency – DEA) were detected and perhaps they will continue to see them as improved drone technology in the future.

There have been many cases of drone were caught while transporting drugs across the border. The image below is a drone carrying 28 pounds of heroin was arrested in August last year.

Border patrol said in April last, they found that the number of drone carrying drugs across the border more and more up.

5.Ultra light aircraft, no noise is also used for the purpose of drug trafficking.


Report of the Minister of Justice of California has described the aircraft as conventional tricycle uses wings fly single engine. This vehicle can fly more than 70 miles / hour.

6. The drug gangs also installed cameras everywhere to stand over the police and the military.


Gulf gang has installed a total of 39 cameras to monitor various locations. The cameras are controlled through wifi network and a modem, a video data encoder and a memory card.

7.Military-grade rockets are used for defense.


The Mexican drug gang is using rocket launchers to defend. Mexico SWAT team stopped a vehicle smuggling gang in 2012, they had found three anti-tank missiles of the Soviet Union, which were built completely and a shoulder-launchers RPG-7.

tech savvy tech savvy. This business technology articles tech savvy. This business technology articles will give you more details about the ways they use technology trend

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