Fingerprint sensor smartphone: What will appear after ?

The strength of the password method on new smartphone release is what? that is easy to understand and use. However, the technology trend is moving all the time. The problem arising now is how to protect your smartphone without entering too many by hand. So What will appear after fingerprint sensor smartphone?

Fingerprint sensor smartphone

How fingerprint sensor smartphone come out?

Since its inception, phones in general and smartphones in particular are protected by a password. It may be a range of numbers, letters or a combination of numbers and letters. Depending on the demand of users, the password includes from 4 to 16 characters.

Primeval, the very first generation smartphone of Apple – iPhone has password to protect. It means that we have to enter a preset sequence by hand to unlock the device.

The strength of the password method on smartphones is that it is easy to understand and use. However, the technology is moving all the time. The problem arising now is how to protect your smartphone without entering too many by hand.

What will appear after fingerprint sensor smartphone 1

That is the security method through fingerprint sensor 

In spite of not being the first smartphone integrating the fingerprint sensor technology, iPhone 5 is a true movement in 2013.

The operational mechanism of the fingerprint sensor on smartphone is very simple. The fingerprint scanner (capacitance) uses an array of tiny capacitor circuits to collect data on fingerprints. Then it compares with the fingerprints forms available on smartphone. If they matched, the device will unlocked and vice verse.

That time, there are many technological adherents who said Touch ID integrated on iPhone was a pretty superfluous function. Because the time of fingerprint identification on iPhone 5s was not much faster than unlocking with 4 characters.

However, over time, the fingerprint sensor has become a true movement. It demonstrated that most of the new generation smartphones today includes in the fingerprint sensor on the camera body. Whether the Home button, the back or side.

What will appear after fingerprint sensor smartphone 2

Partly because of the competition on technology of manufacturers, partly because of the more widely application of fingerprint sensor technology as integration of payment activities and mobile shopping.

Obviously, the technology of fingerprint sensor has been moving now. From the wide application of the capacitive fingerprint sensor technology, Qualcomm has elevated to the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It means that it is integrated ultrasound scanner into the sensors.

In particular, the purpose of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is to enhance the accuracy of existing technologies, and then enhance the experience of users. However, it is proven that even when the fingerprint sensor is improved, users who are infected or have fingerprints difficult to recognize still give up with the most advance sensor.

In other words, even when the output (fingerprint sensor) is upgraded but the input (users’ fingerprint) is still obscure, the upgrade now is almost zero.

So a new unknown come out…

Many people questioned: What is the next security method after the fingerprint method?

What will appear after fingerprint sensor smartphone 3

Among a lot of rekindled technology, experts predicted that iris scanning sensor would become the successor of fingerprint technology soon.

In particular, Fujitsu is a pioneer in the iris scanning technology to identify and unlock phones, or perform payment transactions. Fujitsu asserted this technology would bring a higher level of security which is more difficult to forge than fingerprint identification.

Besides Fujitsu, Microsoft has also launched Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL respectively running Window 10 Mobile which integrated the technology above. However, up to at present, the iris sensor scan is not really popular and need a similar catalyst to Touch ID of Apple iPhone 5s.

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