If Google does not work in 30 minutes, then?

In business technology news, a technology question was raised that What would happen if Google does not work in 30 minutes? After this cool question gets popular, a Google engineer has given a very interesting feedback below.

August 2013, Google home page and some of the company’s utilities have collapsed at the same time in about 2-3 minutes. All data and information amount in global Internet immediately 40% fall hard and very fast. A similar incident also happened in May 2009.


Please notice that this is just a hiatus lasted in 2 or 3 minutes. Now let’s imagine if it is 30 minutes or more, everything will be horrible to what extent, although this is not very probable.

Here are some easiest and funniest scenarios to imagine

After the first minute (or only seconds), a high likelihood that people will confirm again their Wifi and Internet connection. Some would call the Internet network companies, others will hurry to check hardware malfunction – this could waste them more than 30 minutes.

People will then become aware of the truth is this tech giant is the only one that has break downed in a maximum surprise. Some will try to push the F5 button to reload the Google page.

Many people will definitely take a screenshot or selfie of this very rare moment.

Facebook News Feed will certainly be filled with status like It’s impossible – Google is collapsed !!! and attach that screenshot.

People began collecting to other search sites like Bing, Yahoo,… . Some did not even know whether there are any search engines other than this tech giant.
The amount of using Bing and Yahoo will seriously increase.

Multiple applications and games which using this tech company’s service will be delayed. Only 30 minute Gmail absence will make global productivity of the world decreased extremely.

It is really hard to guess the number of revenue losses, not only Google but also many companies in the world that use the services from this tech company.

Among such explosive series, only Chinese users are still able to smile because they are not involved. They got Baidu.

Rival companies of Google will sing and dance in celebration.

Then they solved the problem 

Google will host a press to explain and apologize for the incident.

Global Technology world will work very hard to analyze and affirm the exact cause of the interruption.

Many will forecast this is just Google’s excuses for hack actions of an anonymous group of hackers. And then they will find some real hackers to ask and consult.

Many bloggers will show many articles like Who are depending too much and too hard on Google? The media will never ignore this golden opportunity to write a ton of hilarious articles.

Many users will say goodbye this tech company to switch to other services. But I bet they will come back, soon.

The entertainment sites like ScoopWhoop or BuzzFeed will push headline Google just break down for 30 minutes – what happened next? or 20 things to do if Google stops again.

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