iMessage will be available on Android?

Smartphones make out world smaller. We can easily send messages, chat with friends from halfway around the world thanks to science and technology. We now have many choices to messaging so it will be no place for the apps which are not for everyone. The latest mobile phone technology news revealed newest rumor about Apple new smartphone release: iMessage will be available on Android. How could it be?

In the past few years, many proprietary messaging apps has been available for new users. They are BlackBerry opened BBM for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. Currently, iMessage of Apple is the most famous messaging app. It is also the only one which are still exclusive, only for devices running iOS and OS X of the company.

iMessage will be available on Android 1

iMessage for Android?

It will change soon because there are some rumors that Apple is about to open iMessage for Android users. If these rumors is true, Android users will have good news next week from Apple. The WWDC event kicks off on Monday.

The change has a huge impact. With this change, users who have plan to use Android instead of iPhone but do not want to stay out of touch with friends via iMessage will not have any problem.

However, it also brings a different meaning. The move of opening iMessage for Android may be a marker of change in strategy of Apple. Apple is no lober interested in the sales of iPhone. Instead, they focus on service and advertising. When having attracted a lot of people use iMessage, Apple will develop in advertising. they will allow third parties to take part in developing the chatbot sales in this platform.

iMessage will be available on Android 2

New color, new screen?

Practically speaking, in spite of a big fan of Apple, you have to admit that the screen border of Apple’s latest iPhone is too thick. Specifically, the ratio of the screen and the front of iPhone 6s now is 65.6% and that of iPhone 6s Plus is 67.7%, while this ratio in most of the current Android smartphones is at least 70%. Therefore, there are so many Android smartphones having larger screens in spite of having smaller size in overall than iPhone’s.

Although the famous Retina screen on iPhone remains good quality of display, but with a high-end smartphone, it seems not really adequate. Currently, the other manufacturers use 2K screen technology (or even 4k) on their high-end smartphones. Therefore, Apple should immediately dismiss the idea of continuing to equip Full HD resolution on iPhone 7. Instead, it should equip a new display technology with higher resolution, may be 5K like iMac’s.

iMessage will be available on Android 4

Since then, fans of Apple have become familiar with three colors: grey, silver and gold. Then, Apple added to the list the rose gold color.

While the previous colors of Apple are very beautiful and subtle, it seems that Deep Blue is not an appropriate choice for a high-tech device like iPhone 7 if do not want to say that it is a disaster.

If the rumor that Apple replace Space Grey version by Deep Blue one is true, what do you think?

iMessage will be available on Android 3

Anyway, all still are rumors. We have to wait several days before the official information from Apple.

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