IPad and iPhone Oxygen Cloud – New services for the use of business

Oxygen Cloud is a service that connects all people, data and devices in a company with a

virtual file system only, which was unveiled this week at Cloud Expo in 2010. now it will

support large-scale enterprise migration to private cloud storage. Support for combining the

appropriate users to deploy their personal devices for business, including the iPad and


Oxygen Cloud offers access to computer data stored locally in the public cloud and private

cloud storage is available directly to business users. Companies Newark, California-based it

can focus on small and medium enterprises.

Oxygen Cloud also enables an enterprise can mix and match these files, data from multiple

public cloud, as well as setting up private clouds to meet specific business requirements, such

as security , reliability, geographical and cost effective.

Oxygen Cloud is a small start, which itself was spun off from another company, LeapFile

year, a file transfer service securely. Oxygen Cloud announced its achievement of the Cloud

Computing Conference & Expo 2010 in Santa Clara, Calif., This week. Oxygen Cloud has

even created an application for the iPad that allows users to comment on, label, or draw

symbols on documents as part of a collaborative effort to edit. This application is not

available in Apple’s App Store, but Julia Mak, Director of Marketing Oxygen Cloud,

confirmed that it expected to launch shortly.


Users can choose from existing providers such as public cloud storage such as Amazon,

Cloud Leverage, Rackspace, Iron Mountain and Nirvanix.

Users can also assign enterprises Oxygen private cloud services, along with specialized tools

for managing security and users providing storage and distribution setups, calculating power

supply private cloud computing as EMC Atmos.

“Oxygen can play an important role in the deployment of private cloud and adoption,” Alex

Teu, vice president of business development Oxygen Cloud said. “We empower businesses to

get the maximum value of their choice on the private cloud provider by completing the

solution for end users and IT applications for storage cloud. ”

The tool allows IT administrators to control access to oxygen, maintain user profiles and

manage storage allocation – balancing hosting and coordinating the needs of users without

sacrificing IT should meet the security requirements and management, Teu said.

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