List of Top Best Free VPS (Virtual Server)

Maybe free hosting is past time, with the momentum of the current technological development is very inexpensive to own a VPS. Therefore, in order to compete, many vendors have launched the free packages to attract users. I would like to list the popular free VPS now in terms of the community assessment.


This is a Cloud VPS is provided free by RedHat for you needs to learn and use Cloud technology. Access speed is quite fast and stable, easy to use.


Free pack of OpenShift provides you will have a Cloud Host with:

+ 1GB hard drive

+ 512Ram

+ High-speed access

+ No ads.

+ Can be accessed using SSH

Amazon AWS Free Tier

Currently, under the new policy of the Amazon, you can only create VPS EC2 region N. Oregon and California, the case still needs to use Virtual Server in Tokyo or Singapore to send mail to the address to require them to open in your region.

The free services include:

+ Simple Storage Service (S3)

+ DynamoDB

+ Simple Workflow (SWF)

+ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

+ Relational Database Service + (RDS)

+ Amazon Elastic Transcoder

+ Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Notification Service (SNS)

+ ElastiCache

+ CloudWatch

+ Data Pipeline

+ Data Transfer

If you need a free Virtual Server to test the system before the real run, this is not a bad choice. Besides, the 5Jelly attractions as they use the fairly simple system to manage the VPS, but when you log in to your hosting account, the system is provided CPanel, a job at the free Virtual Server provider that performs.


Here are the parameters of 5Jelly:

+ CPU: 2.4 GHz Processor

+ Storage: 20GB

+ RAM: 1GB

+ You can create multiple hosts on a VPS

+ Manage Host with Cpanel

Only allows you to use the free 6 months and when you want to use more you have to pay – an advance purchase after trial classics. But the attractions of in that it offers both Windows and Linux VPS and no advertising. Its other parameters are also extremely attractive:


+ BW 100BG

+ 2 Core 2GB

+ GPanel

If you need a VPS for a fee to be better served, may choose

If you are a Developer and are looking for a good VPS – complement – cheap to run your website in the inception phase, try This provider has two data centers in Asia, one in Europe and 6 in the Americas. Configuration of totally free package is not bad with:

+ 1 CPU Core

+ 512B RAM

+ 10GB SSD Storage

+ 1TB Traffic

+ Full KVM Cloud Server

In the process, you can use an upgrade to a higher package. Amazon AWS Free Tier Cloud technology Cloud VPS free hosting OpenShift technological development VPS

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