Macbook Pro still cannot pass a PC

Unfortunately, there are many remarkable points of PC, said the latest tech news. To describe the surprise debut of Apple‘s latest MacBook, the answer is almost nothing. Although there is an anti-fan, most of them expect more than new 3 sample of MacBook Pro was released, because the last time a comprehensive upgrade for Apple laptops was 4 years.

Apple seemed to have been able to leverage its position in the race to the PC. Unfortunately, they have not been able to do that with the new generation of MacBook Pro.


When Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro last week, MacBook Pro 15 is regarded as the leader of a new Pro generation. As usual, Apple did not give a name of GPU; but still having clocked and a name of microarchitecture.


MBP15 using Intel’s CPU 4 6th generation, Skylake. Many fans may be slightly disappointed that Apple did not use Kaby Lake 7th generation. This can fully explain the Kaby Lake until next year to be officially unveiled. With his perfection, Apple decided to use the 6th generation with Iris Pro graphics to ensure stability.


Based on the clock was announced, MBP can use i7-6870HQ or i7-6770HQ. Both are powerful CPU of Skylake with Iris Pro 580 graphic and 128 integrated eDRAM.

At the present time, 580 Iris Pro is the most powerful integrated graphics chip of Intel. But anyway, it’s still just the integrated graphics only strength lies in the range between the GeForce GT 940M and GTX 950M, and nothing is too powerful.


About the CPU, MBP15 has equivalent processing power with a laptop PC using the same CPU. One thing is a little limping that Apple integrated CPU with Iris Pro which is more expensive for discrete graphics configuration. If minimizing waste of this, Apple may have been able to carry up to a comfortable level of selling prices.



About the discrete GPU, Apple is the first company integrated Polaris Pro GPU on a personal laptop with Radeon Radeon Pro 450 and Pro 455. A second strong point of this GPU power consumption is quite pleasant, at 35W. The power of the GPU 2 respectively 1 and 1.3 Teraflops.

With the new Radeon Pro 4xx are integrated for the first time, their real strength is still questionable. According to Apple’s introduction, the latest generation MacBook Pro has a high gaming performance over 60% compared to the previous generation which uses Radeon R9 M370X, we may temporarily have an estimate of the performance of the Radeon Pro 450 and 455. A worthy opponent of the two deserve this GPU is probably GTX 960M comes from Nvidia.


When comparing power, the price of MacBook Pro is $ 2800 with a performance equivalent to Dell XPS 15 was launched not long ago with only half the price. Of course, Dell XPS 15 only full HD screen as well as SSDs with only half capacity but one thing is definitely the equivalent configuration, the Dell XPS will still beat the price MacBook Pro perfectly.


In conclusion, after 4 years with remarkable price, we get the MacBook Pro has no outstanding performance. In fact, the performance of new generation MBP still very much inferior to the PC. This was clearly shown when comparing prices. Perhaps the only consolation is the Touch Bar with outstanding capabilities especially typing Emoji.


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