Microsoft is repeating the destructive era of Bill Gates with chat team application

That scenario is now continuing to finish. And it still is effective in current’s technology world. Bill Gates had calculated measurement before Microsoft recommended, instead of spending $8 billion to acquired Slack, they should make a clone application to kill them, affirmed best tech news sites.

Today, tech world waves at the news that Microsoft had launched a new chat application named Microsoft Teams. It is a product are suggested by the main chairman Bill Gates. Not long ago, the media reported that Gates had intervened to prevent the intention to acquire Slack of Microsoft with $8 billion. And he also suggested the company create a similar application based on the platform Skype had acquired since 2011.


It seems that Microsoft has obedient to follow the advice of the founder. 9/2016, Microsoft began testing a new product called Skype Team for group chat. And now officially renamed the Teams. In fact, Microsoft Teams was a personification of Bill Gates. May himself be one of the first to register for an account. Microsoft could use his power to crush rivals Slack – a favorite application of tech companies.

Terminator Gates

Since the 1990s, Bill Gates has been honored the Borg. That is a cyborg character in the Star Trek series to describe the destruction of his utopia. When Gates was operating Microsoft, the giant software maker is often known as a company that always wants to win at all costs. If Microsoft does not acquire the rivals, they would attach them to the Windows operating system and then distributed to the majority of their customers. That is how they find a similar product design or identical to competition.

Presence all over the place Microsoft Office 365 now owns 85 million monthly users. Almost all of which are paying customers. And it allowed accessing Microsoft Teams as soon as this product officially was launched in 2017. This is really a tremendous strength for Microsoft Teams.  The customers of the product infancy were at other perennial rivals can only dream about. Microsoft also owns several other resources, including corporate customers and a solid security stronghold that the startup of the same kind still has headaches everyday battle.

Office 365

More important is the repository synchronized Teams Microsoft Office applications. That is the standard software working of millions of people for many years. Overall, Microsoft has always owned fundamental advantage.

With the Windows operating system and Office suite tools, the platform is almost no separation between PC users. The synchronization is deep into a new product. And it introduces them to all user groups are always easy a lot easier for the Redmond giant. Although available on an ecosystem of developers designing applications for the platform and its chat bot, but Slack will remain difficult to compete with Microsoft’s product line.

In other words, Microsoft is gradually turning Office into a weapon destroyed startups in the field of application performance. And similar to the way Bill Gates beats rivals in the 90s, now Microsoft can continue to use the tip with many other technologies.

Unlike in the era of Gates, office users can choose the innumerable tool and it is not necessarily to use Office bundles of the entire company. Microsoft can be confident to reach large customers, but if Teams cannot prove its attraction than the opponents, the user still willing spinning heel, even for products that can fasten to the Office 365 to go matter.

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