Microsoft launched Office 365 brand new update

Microsoft Office 365 is the new Microsoft Office package of applications first appeared in 2013 with many changes and deep integration with cloud computing technology, the latest technology in computers informed. If you have ever used a few recent version of Word, you will be hard to figure out what Microsoft has changed, according to latest technology news and business technology news.

Although Word is a full-featured software, Microsoft never stopped explore new features for their golden eggs. Office 365

Screen visualization application startup: Monitor with a list of recently opened files with hundreds of recent text template for users to choose, quickly create beautiful documents and professional. Especially, Microsoft has added features Researcher for Word. That will support much for writing essays which need research frequently.

Microsoft launched Office 365’s update 2

Researcher will find data from Bing Knowledge to query information from the internet and put straight into Word. Microsoft promises to expand list of trustful sources of information as well as reference materials are available over time. Everytime you copy information from those sources, Word will automatically convert it into quote in your essay.

If you are student and using Office 365, Researcher will appear when you update to latest version of Word. Microsoft also is working hard to bring it to mobile version of Office in near future.

Microsoft launched Office 365’s update 4

In addition, Microsoft has added Editor functions to Word. Editor elevates the functional check spelling and grammar which has existed for many years. Microsoft will apply automatically learning ability of the machine to handle the content. Then Editor will make suggestions to improve your article by highlighting the words which appeared too often.

Currently, Editor just stops at a few simple features such as avoiding repetition. With a development team of Word, the ability to guide users to improve usability words will be updated soon this year. The spelling mistakes are still the red zigzags line while grammatical errors will become blue double underline. And the suggestion to improve the words will be the yellow dots.

Microsoft launched Office 365’s update 1

Outlook and  PowerPoint

In this update, instead of sending files via e-mail or file transfer, with Office 365, users can share files with one or more of the specified user after SkyDrive cloud stored the documents when users online. Outlook will has Focused Inbox functions, which is already available on the mobile version of this software. This function is also no stranger while allowing you to classify your emails on 2 items are Other and Focused that making it easy to retrieve important emails. Mentions functions while typing @ will help you to tag someone else in your email. This function will be available soon on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft launched Office 365 ’s update 5

Although PowerPoint had just newly added Morph features, it helps transition slides become smoother. Last year, PowerPoint continued to updated more Zoom with similar capabilities. Microsoft designs Zoom to help viewers more easily to follow when directing their attention to the part which is the present.

Excel, meanwhile, seems estranged because there were no new features in this July update of Microsoft Office.

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