New MacBook Pro is too expensive, users switched to Windows PC

With the price is so high, the users have no choice, according to it news websites. At the event was taken place at dawn today (October 28th), Apple has officially launched a new generation of MacBook Pro after a long time waiting. The single shot we can think of is the Touch Bar, which is substituted for traditional function keys. The new MacBook Pro brings many other problems, such as the disappearance of the USB ports, HDMI, SD memory card reader or a keyboard that has a much shorter journey.

However, if these problems can seek to resolve, then another problem make users only know fiddling while Rome burns it is the price. The 13-inch MacBook Pro supports Touch Bar and Touch ID fingerprint sensor starts at up to 1799 USD (40 million). With the 15-inch, do not fall back, knowing it cost 2399 USD (52 million). Moreover, even the MacBook Pro 13-inch version does not support Touch Bar is also up to 1499 USD (33 million). While it does not bring a new breakthrough compared to the predecessor.


What makes the users particularly outraged is Apple have raised prices too much compared to the previous generation. Previously, Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch have the price in succession are 1299 USD and 1999 USD. This means that the new generation has been raised the price from 400 to 500 USD compared to the old version. Not only that, besides the cost of the machine, the users will also have to invest a no small money for the USB adapter to the USB-C / HDMI, memory card reader, or even a USB cable Lightning -C used to connect to the iPhone. Apple only uses the USB-C is the only remaining communication on the machine.


Other choices

Consequently, many users have expressed frustration attitude and are determined to switch to using a PC. Even they had to stick with the Mac platform in the long run. Along with the price of MacBook Pro, the users have two choices .(1) buy a PC with more powerful configuration. Or (2) cost savings when choosing a product with similar configurations, but cheaper.


Surface Pro 4

Of course, comparing a Mac to a PC has always been lame because each platform has its own strengths. However, when taking into account the basic tasks like web surfing, word processing, entertainment … until professional tasks such as photo editing, design, montage … then both Mac and PCs are doing very well. Especially with the launch of Windows 10, it has caused a lot of sympathy for users. And it was rated as good as what MacOS.


Dell XPS

Phil Schiller – Vice president of Marketing at Apple has explained the high price of MacBook Pro new generation. The price is something that Apple is very interested. But we do not put it as the most important criteria. We design the product which brings the experience and the best quality that users expect from a Mac. Sometimes, it leads to higher prices. But this is not because we try to do that, it is just simply the true cost of the machine.

However, with this price, is there anyone afford to purchase a new MacBook Pro to experience its excellent quality?


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