Order sales of new MacBook Pro is still immeasurably high

Apple’s leadership said in last business technology news that customers are upset about the new MacBook Pro, but it does not matter because the order sales are still immeasurably high. Despite receiving contrasting opinions, Apple is gradually reaping the positive results.

Apple’s MacBook Pro new generation after launching last week has received numerous contrast opinions about the unexpected decision from the manufacturer: leaving traditional USB adapter, SD card slot, and remove the key normal physical function.

Despite witnessing many frustration and discomfort from a small part of customers, Apple said they will continue to spend money on order this product with the figure is quite impressive.

Apple’s leadership opinion

In addition, Apple’s director of Marketing segment – Phil Schiller – has an interview with The Independent. He was really shocked to hear the results have exceeded all expectations.


There was plenty of lively discussion on the MacBook Pro. Up to the present time, the device is the highest rate order online sales compared to another dedicated laptop line, he shared.

Many users feel offend because the design of the MacBook does not include the traditional ports like before. In spite of retaining the headphone jack, forcing users to buy the transitions if you want to connect with the device peripherals. Even you own an iPhone, wanting to plug into the MacBook you also have to resort to other cables.

Schiller gave the information that they will replace physical buttons with a Touch Bar. It could customize according to the application.

We noticed that the previous key press seems not work so much. So this decision is in place to bring a complete innovation in the utilization of diverse functions to work with smooth results, Schiller said at the starting event.

Touch Bar is a secondary display, with sensors and a fingerprint sensor built into the power button.


The edge of the device is no longer have traditional USB adapter and SD card. Instead of USB-C slot smaller, as a stepping stone to  decide to drop the headphone port on iPhone 7.

Schiller defended a bit when Apple removes the SD Card Port. We feel it is something inappropriate. And it is because of many limitations for design and compact appearance of the MacBook. In addition, there is a dedicated camera with features and wireless connectivity currently.

Apple TV

This time, Apple took a step forward in the field of TV programs. They introduced a new application that allows users to easily search and view the show directly on a mobile device. Microsoft and many other application makers are also gradually integrating this function to connect to their platform.


MacBook will gradually launch in the next 2-3 weeks. The price of high-end configuration is 2399 USD, while the cost 1499 USD for the cheapest common configuration.

The fingerprint sensor appears in the Touch Bar can help users open the laptop much faster than the previous day. The high-resolution screen has always been characteristic of Apple.

MacBook Pro

Being made of aluminum, the MacBook Pro has a version with 2 sizes. Those are 13 and 15 inches. And it has 2 colors: dark gray and silver colors. 13-inch version weighs 17% lighter than the previous generation. And both have the trackpad with force sensors.

On the new TV applications, Tim Cook said: We want Apple TV becomes a device offers a memorable experience for our customers.

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