Prisma is officially on the Android devices, download right now!

After long time waiting, the hottest photo editor application Prisma finally come to Android smartphones and other devices with the same features as on iOS, according to best website for latest technology news and best tech news sites.

Last week, after show off just a short time on Google Play, the beta version of this amazing app was temporary shutdown with the promise from the developers that is the Prisma official version will come out as soon as possible. Keeping exactly their promise, Prisma now is officially on Google Play and could be download free for Android smartphones and other digital devices.


Released from June 2016 on iOS, Prisma has created a crazy fever in a very short time. It is also a photo editor application but Prisma win the hearts and minds of thousands users by applying the artificial intelligent A.I. Just take you 30 seconds, the photos on your phone could be transfer to amazing works of art follow various styles, even like abstract painting of genius painter Picasso.

The co-founder of Prisma, Alexey Moiseenkov said that: We make the images become more different and more particular. Prisma is not like the filters of Instagram which you just have to add the filters into the photos. We will help you create a wonderful photo like a great painter.

Prisma recently has created a newest trend all over the world and become one of the hottest app today. It has already caught 1 million users a day and become top 1 app on App store of 44 nations.


Prisma was released was believed that is totally right time when the Internet community have enough of the boring and monotonous filters from Instagram and they want something more fresh, more artistic.

Using Prisma is very easy and quick. You could take a photo, then use this app to edit it in just few minutes to get a marvelous work of art and share it on your personal page, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What is left is just thinking about a significant caption.

The way Prisma transfer a photo to a work of art is also truthful. It shows you the outstanding art movements from popular works of art. Even a very normal photo could become an amazing artistic landscape painting.


Simple, easy to use but bring an impressive and full of artistic result, the brand new app Prisma got all the great factors to make it stand out today.

As well as iOS, the Android version of Prisma also supports a full of 36 filters which allows users has many options. The app will automatically crop to square image and let you share on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter with the quick share button.

The developers of Prisma also revealed some information about the particular filters for video only which are researching and developing but they did not tell the specific time to unveil this brand new feature.

If you want to experience this hot photo editor app Prisma immediately on your Android smartphone, find it and download on Google Play!


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