Galaxy S8 edge with unique and stunning idea

Just completing has never been enough, sharp breakthrough is an element key in this pattern of Galaxy S8 edge, best tech news sites affirmed. Despite Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are storming the mobile phone market, many users who want to purchase smartphone are still waiting for the form of Samsung Galaxy S8 edge in the future, according to latest mobile phone technology news.

Most recently, designer with the stage name Steel Drake has rolled out Samsung Galaxy S8’s idea. This smartphone maybe will appear next year. Exactly, this is form of Galaxy S8 edge with a unique two edges curved screen belong to Samsung currently.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 3

Many people believe that the curved screen of Galaxy S7 edge was too perfect. And Samsung just need to add more useful features for curved edges is enough.

Stunning design concept

However, with Steel Drake, finishing has never been enough. He said the factors that Korea manufacturer need in the future is a breakthrough. Even the rival Apple’s iPhone has not done it for years.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 6

Based on the design of Steel Drake, Galaxy S8 edge owns curved panels spread on two edges. However, compared to its predecessor, this design proved softer and more curved boards.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 5

However, the most significant features are upper and lower edges of Galaxy S8 edge’s ideas form. Unlike Galaxy S7 edge current version, Steel Drake made two sides thin significantly. The details such as speaker cluster, or front camera is minimized in size, while its quality remains the same.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 4

Because of that, hard home button fingerprint along with sensor clusters on Galaxy S8 edge’s design does not appear. Unclearly if Steel Drake leaves the hard button, how Korean manufacturer help users unlock the fingerprint?

Besides, external speaker cluster on the Galaxy S8 edge also has been redesigned, simple and sophisticated. At the bottom edge, there will have a SIM slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and speakerphone tradition.

Top edge is where a micro projector. This department will help Galaxy S8 edge acts as a home cinema, a slide show of photos, or documents everytime you need.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 7

At the back, Galaxy S8 edge will have camera cluster less convex. All that’s left on the back of this super product is the contour which protect the camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 8

It is unclear that Samsung will use what kind of stuff on samples of Galaxy S8 new generation. However, let it be slick and sure as user’s expectation, Korean manufacturer would have to work very hard to produce a material worthy of Galaxy S8.

So if this is you, do you love the curved screen form of Galaxy S8 edge?

How about Samsung Galaxy S8?

Androidauthority has just revealed information that is Samsung Galaxy S8 will get 4K screen and more supports for VR equipments.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 1

Samsung Galaxy S7 has come out for months, Galaxy Note 7 is coming next month. This is time to think about Galaxy S8 generation.

This insider information resources said that Samsung Galaxy S8 has the code name is Project Dream, with 4K screen and meet the standard of Daydream VR platform of Google. Therefore, there are many possibilities the upcoming Galaxy S of Samsung will concentrate on supporting for virtual reality contents and devices (VR).

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with unique idea 2

Some of other information resources also said that Samsung will release another VR devices with USB type-C cable as well as Galaxy Note 7 on the beginning of August.

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