Silverpop’s chatter with Salesforce AppExchange – Available Integration

Silverpop® – a provider of scalable, integrated marketing platform automation and email

marketing, Join the App now available on the ChatterExchange Salesforce, a Salesforce in

the AppExchange site. With Silverpop participants updated to include Salesforce

functionality patter, Silverpop customers can trigger numerous automatically behavior

events to chatter, but the real-time enterprise collaboration application management, information can be updated immediately, it is very important for the sales


“Boys brings the second evolution in enterprise collaboration and provides salesforce

partners, like Silverpop, the ability to provide customers with new value and efficiencies

through the power of real time real communication, “Kendall Collins, the chief of marketing

officer said that companies can easily start using Silverpop to join the chat, reduce barriers

and improve communication and sales.

Silverpop Engage users can now automatically generate all the conversation when a prospect

expresses interest by clicking to download a file, submitting a Web form, reaching the main

points to be determined before, or in a lead nurturing program. By sharing these events on

chatter, Salesforce users have a new arsenal of relevant information, enabling faster response

and deeper collaboration between sales and team members to continue market.

“With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are accustomed to

receive real-time updates from friends and family, so it is not surprising that they would

similar immediately wanted to review the activities and the level of interest from customers

and potential customers, “will Schnabel, vice president of business development and will be

available at Silverpop said. “Silverpop understand how important it is to provide accurate

notifications to the right people at the right time, and the integration of our children with this

concept to the next step.”

Silverpop will be at Dreamforce 2010 (813 booths), the cloud computing event of the year, at

Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco December (6th – 9th), 2010. Silverpop Engage

immediately available for deployment on the AppExchange.


About Silverpop

Silverpop is a provider of marketing technology offers a solution only automates strong

marketing is built on email marketing platform with scalability. The company has over a

decade of experience empowering marketers to deliver relevant communications very

effectively to promote higher sales, and branding faithfullness. Companies rely on the

Silverpop Engage in theater to create and manage multichannel marketing campaigns that

nurture customer and prospect relationships from interest and complexity further conversion.

services industry that’s leading thinkers, strategic consulting and Silverpop client, combined

with a broad ecosystem of leading partners, allowing our customers an even automatic cost-

effective, fast and effective campaigns improve marketing results and increase ROI complex.

With presence in USA, Europe and Australia, Silverpop is trusted by leading brands around

the globe.

About Silverpop cloud computing

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