Surface Studio: PC of experts and professional designers

Surface Studio is a very special desktop which creates new entire products trend for bleak PC market, affirmed the university technical institute. Microsoft has created their first desktop and it has a really odd design. Many computer tech news and articles believe that the Surface Studio like Apple iMac, but the fact is absolutely not. Take a look at the machine which is nothing like the iMac and also unlike any computers that we have ever seen.

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Surface Studio: PC of experts and professional designers

According to an editor, Peter Bright from ArsTechnica page, there are many things to praise this Studio Surface computer. And the first thing is the 28-inch screen, 4.500×3.000 pixel resolution, just more than 1cm thick.


Exactly the thickness of screen Surface Studio is 12.5mm. It makes the LCD on my desk looks like a CRT monitors when placed next to, commented Peter Bright.

Not just thin, it also beautiful and has the ability to display color impression. Studio Surface screen color standard support DCI-P3. Then with up to 30bit per pixel memory to display the color synonymous with the ability to display more than 1 billion colors. It not only brings honesty but also depth is shown brilliantly.


Surface Studio is not only a conventional desktop, but it is also a known desktop transfiguration. This is also a groundbreaking design of Surface Studio when compared to Apple’s iMac.

For designers

Designed for professional studios and designers, the Surface computer can descend at an angle 20 degrees from the table surface. Microsoft calls this mode Studio mode, turns Surface Studio into a tablet giant.


20-degree tilt angle is well suited for writing and drawing with the stylus, which the designer can perform their design work in a professional manner and easier. Even when the screen of Surface Studio weighs 6,1kg, hinge mechanism Zero Gravity particularly of Microsoft can help change the angle in a simple way with one hand push lightly.

The special knob

The next strange thing is an accessory that came with this computer, Microsoft called Dial Surface. It was a special control device, like a volume control knob, can connect via Bluetooth.


The special knob can be used to customize a number of system functions (eg volume). Or customized within each application (eg color in a design application). Microsoft has launched an API for third-party developers can leverage the capabilities of the knob. And it supports for their application.

This is an extremely bold idea of Microsoft, like a stylus when it first launched. It can become an effective tool customized to support the designer. You can paint with the stylus on the right hand and just adjust the color by rotating this Dial Surface.


With clear goals toward professional designers, Peter Bright had asked the opinion of others in the field about Microsoft’s new PC. Artist Mike Krahulik after a week use Surface Studio, think that the functionality switch between computer and tablet really amazing than what people think.

It is not just their gimmick, in fact, it is an important feature that any designer or artist will want. This computer can meet a lot of my needs in innovation, which is the one that I’ve always wanted for so long, said Mike Krahulik.


There will be lots of other OEM firms chasing this new trend as the Surface Book creates morphing laptop movement. We absolutely hope for a similar product but with cheaper prices, coming from a different manufacturer.


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