Tim Cook: The most secretive CEO of technology

Everyone have worked next to Tim Cook for years, even more than a decade, have the feeling that they do not know him, according to business technology articles and latest technology websites. In technology world, he is cooperative, polite and respectful, but it seems no one really know who he is.

In 1988, Tim Cook accepted the offer to work at Apple among the most difficult days of Apple defects. He was 37 years old that year. After the interview with Steve Jobs, he did want to throw away all suspicion and logic to join Apple. He said that is only the first 5 minutes of the interview. Meanwhile, people around called him a madman. Because he was working at a company which is the world’s leading computer (Compaq). However, his inner voice urging: Go west, young man. Go west. Sometimes, you go just because of that, Cook flashback.

Tim Cook The most secretive CEO of technological village 3

16 years since that time, he has emerged as an excellent business management and Jobs loved. When became CEO of Apple, he revived the company went through a dark period. It is after the death of Steve and he exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. Today, Apple ranks as the most valuable corporate history despite Cook assumed the position as Vice President of Operations, Apple is standing on the brink of bankruptcy. Just a few months earlier, in a technology event, someone had asked Michael Dell, founder of Dell, the solution to save Apple. He replied: I would close and return cash to shareholders.

tim cook and steve jobs

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Cook resigned from vice president of materials for Compaq and move to Apple with the duty to bring the company back in the game. He must provide the raw materials and machinery for Jobs and genius designer Jony Ive, which was used to change the world. According to Wall Street Journal reporter, Tim is basically in charge of quality, desired quantity at the right time. No matter what the request Jobs and Tim will turn it into reality.

Tim Cook and Apple

As someone who works tirelessly, he can call the staff on Sunday night to ask about the next week. The team members must prepare weekly meetings as if they are in final exams, and their boss will not forgive them for hours. According to the principle of Cook, did not predict his questions and no answers correctly is a sin.

He scrutinized every stage of the business process. After closing some factories of Apple, Cook set up network manufacturers and supply throughout Asia and reduce costly inventory to production by orders. Moreover, he can accurately forecast demand for music players, mobile to keep up. At the peak of the fever iPad, supply chain was capable of producing 15 million tablets in just 9 months.

tim cook

On a zero-tolerance market, where only a stumble will set off game’s up of annual profits, Cook’s system is still maintaining efficiency. His contributions to Apple’s staggering success are indisputable. Cook is employed only in 1 year, the company went into framework. Currently, iPhone maker grossed more than $ 170 billion in annual revenue.

Designer Ive also supported this view. Innovation at Apple has always been a team player. You always have a small team working together … Steve has established a set of values, he set out the principles of a group. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of it but Tim is an important part of that team.

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