Top best 8 interactive website platforms in Cloud computing

Previously, the definition of a website has been very simple: it is where showing information for users to text and text blocks tradition. But with innovation and technology today, especially the Cloud technology, the website also provides services, data for more complex tasks.

When the tool design increasingly more sophisticated, website design is not monotonous as ever again. The website creation topped the list below will definitely make you stunned on interactive capabilities they offer.



Website wins this year belongs to Kinduct – a platform health monitoring and training situation of the players as well as therapies for the trauma they have to face. Firstly, Kinduct provides real-time data from the medical books, wearable health monitors, … through clear graphs and detailed analysis. As a result, this platform is moving us deeper era data applications in sports training.

10,000ft Insights


Do you can actually track the progress of the project design includes the collaboration of many designers lives everywhere? With this web platform, all the small changes in design are synchronized in a separate warehouse. 10,000ft Insights is also a customizable platform easy to make design decisions. As well as provide feedback and suggestions to the team members as well as from customers. From here you can say goodbye to a series of engine trouble mail chat. And it keeps us from achieving effective communication in design.



Atlas is a publishing platform and chart drawing of Quartz news site, not only the editors easily plotted data illustrates a common standard but also as a place to keep all of the paper chart Quartz each posting. Readers need from this data can freely download them to use or even use the chart tool set right on the Atlas.



Shopping online can become a disaster when you buy the items unsuitable body measurements. Avametric is a foundation that was created to solve it. Users after whole-body scan through 200 different measurement points on this platform can enter a virtual dressing room to see if the item will look like when on them.

Canva for work


With the goal of universal graphic design, Canva provides businesses and marketers are beautifully designed, easy option to fit into different templates (cover Facebook, Instagram, business cards, posters, …).



Do you feel difficulty in arranging a time to meet colleagues from different groups? Instead of asking each other, now you just need to copy this Clara AI virtual assistant in an email sent to everyone. And they will quickly find the most suitable time for everyone based on their schedule.

Facebook reactions


The article on Facebook often requires a lot of complex interactions. The deceptively simple interaction as well Like reigns for many years as a single expression for users. Now, you can use many new emotions as Angry, Wow, Haha, … instead.



One of the age-old problems of the designers is design versions are always different between different design teams. Even on different computers. This web platform helps designers constantly update their design files. Then the team members can view the latest version easily and collaborate better.


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