Prisma: What after unimaginable success?

Prisma is the top software on cell phones and smartphones which can turns your photos into works of art like Picasso’s or Mondrian’s. Now, Prisma becomes a phenomenon across social networks and hottest technology trend because it can turn your photos into works of art like Picasso’s. According to latest tech news, this app is still on top on Appstore and beta test version under apk file format on Android has been launched.  But what will the fate of this software be?

Currently, it is reported that Prisma is in talks with investors about raising capital. But the possibility of being acquired from major brands like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat may be no.

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When asked about the situation of Prisma, Alexey Noiseenkov, the co-founder and CEO of Prisma, said: Up to now, I cannot disclose all information. At the end of this week, I think we can discuss more, which is hints the signs an offer here.

In fact, Moiseenkov was at Facebook headquarter this week and he made livestream via Facebook Live with Prisma filter. It has not currently provided video filters but it said they would come out in the near future. It means that Facebook will acquire this software. Because before Facebook acquired MSQRD, the CEO of Facebook had supported to use this software.

However, when people ask whether Facebook acquired Prisma or not, the representative of Facebook said: We have no comments on rumors and speculation.

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The new generation of the innovation technology

Prisma is great. It is not surprising if someone who takes hours to process his photo via it or just play with the app when it can make photos special and distant compared with other apps. Regarding the formation of Prisma, Moiseenkov initially found an open artificial intelligence algorithm. It is able to turn images into works of classical art but it takes many hours to process. His team developed it own version capable of shortening processing time in seconds to work well on the phone.

Prisma has been on top 10 on the Appstore general ranking in the United State. It is also in top 3 on the section of Photo and Video, according to App Annie. The growth todays is thanks to Prisma logo on photos. Most users do not know that they can disable in the settings of the application. The sharing of its success on Facebook or Instagram is also quick and simple.

How is Prisma on top?

How is Prisma on top?

However, Prisma is currently not the main bread winner of the developer. It means that at present, the best way to make money is to sell additional filters. Its starting is very good in the field of artistic artificial intelligence process but sooner or later, it has to compete with a range of clone applications and may fail if it try to get too much money from users.

Prisma acquisition?

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A more tragic fate may come to it like other startups on creative tools. Snapchat acquired Looksery and its animated selfie lens with USD 150 million.  The Bitmoji stickers also acquired with USD 100 million. Facebook also acquired MSQRD, the app which can create effects for users’ face like Loksery.

Becoming one of the major applications on social networks helps Prisma focus on its products while still achieving the desirable number of users. The large technical team also helps reduce the image processing time. The largest barrier to use it currently is waiting 3-10 seconds or more for processing of each filter.  The lag also cause discomfort to the users when they want to try many filters, especially when comparing with the features of Instagram filters. Meanwhile, large firms acquired the applications will benefit from the original contents shared on their networks.

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