Virtual private server: Before buying VPS

What are the benefits of buying Virtual private server? You could select the following parameters which the price of VPS depends on. These parameters are related to the computer engineering. So it may be easy to understand. Because the server itself is a computer also but it is stronger with amazing cloud computing platform.


RAM is the main type of memory of computers. The more RAM is, the better the ability to retrieve is. Because when using Virtual private server, you need more RAM to handle many issues. The issue maybe handling the PHP codes with the PHP software. It could be handling import and export queries of database with MySQL. Sometimes, it is small bundled application, support read and write data, etc. So this parameter is very important.

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Currently, most of the Virtual private server services allow you to select the RAM from 512 MB to 16 GB. it is in case you find any more than 16GB, it is Cloud VPS.  Depending on the traffic to your website as well as the way optimizing VPS, you should choose the best RAM for yourself.


SWAP is a virtual memory to save the old actions of handling if the RAM is overload. SWAP itself is a storage space on the hard drive rather than a stand-alone memory.

However, you can still create a swap on your Virtual private server and it is recommended to create swap to make the server achieve the better performance.


A disk is simply understood as a hard disk (HDD), the storage space is used to save installation files of the operating system and the files of the website source code you saved on it.

CPU Core

In VOS packages, you will selected from the category of 1 core to 6 cores in average.

Virtual private server Before buying VPS 2


You may have known what the bandwidth/transfer is when buying the host. The bandwidth is the traffic of data you could transmit.

For example, you have a file with 1GB of capacity on Virtual private server. With each person downloads, you will lose 1 GB of bandwidth, similar to other files such as image, CSS, JS, etc.


Normally, if you buy many different IPs, the IP ranges will have a common class A and B. For instance,

That is 6 basic parameters you should know when buying VPS, in which the parameters related to SWAP may not appear to the outside price list, and you will choose the IP you want on the order website.

cPanel, DirectAdmin or Parallels Plesk?

All of them belong to a Webserver Control Panel for VPS or Dedicated Server. Its main function is to support your web server configuration, creating small host packages or even supporting you to sell host.

The operating system of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server, etc.

When purchasing VOS, they will ask you what the operating system you want to use. This is the important thing you should clearly understand also.

Most VPS service providers will support the following types of operating systems:

CentOS (Linux), Fedora (Linux), Windows Server (Windows), Debian (Linux), Ubuntu (Linux)

In which, if you use WordPress in particular or run the PHP website in general, you should choose Linux operating systems. You can choose the operating system of CentOS or Ubuntu. Because they are the two operating systems used by many people. It is easy for you to find many instruction articles.


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