VPS Virtual private server and Cloud Server

Virtual private server is familiar to web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers, etc. However, using high quality VPS or hosting is not simply like using shared hosting. That required certain technical knowledge, similar to managing a server (separately server hosting). But today, Cloud Server is the perfect alternative for VPS. 

What people used VPS for?

Todays, VPS is popular in both the models of commerce and small business. However, Virtual private server is for the following demands:

Game server

Multi-service website storage (websites with massive traffic, sales websites,  forums,  e-commerce sites,etc.)

Platform development.

Server for email system of enterprises.

Directly run communication programs.

Create virtual environments for programming, virus analyzing, researching, etc.

Storage of data: documents, images, videos, etc.

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Disadvantages of VPS?

The operations and stability of the physical server creates Virtual private server. It also affects activities of Virtual private server.

The common use of the physical server makes your Virtual private server dependent.

It wastes times and money to upgrade resource but cannot expand much.

The method of operation and operating performance of Virtual private server does not get the desired effectiveness.

Cloud Server is the perfect alternative for VPS

Cloud Server brings more benefits than Virtual private server thanks to the number of servers in a cluster.

Virtual private server sets up to run on a physical server. So the fail or lag of the physical server on peak hours can cause the stalled of VPS. In Cloud Server, all components set to backup and automatically replace when there have failures. It is in order to maintain the normal operation so the system of your information will be safe and ready 24/7. If your business depends much on your data source, Cloud Server is the most appropriate solution for you.

With a Virtual private server, you do not guarantee of hardware resources you have to pay. Because others in the same node of VPS can use your resource. That does not happen with Cloud Server, you can maintain your resource which is always ready when you need.

In Virtual private server, it takes much time to expand or shrink resources when you want to upgrade the physical server creating VPS but the amount of expansion limits. With Cloud Server, you can comfortably alter the configuration of the Cloud Server at any time.

VPS virtualized from a physical server so the way to operate and productivity does not achieve as desire for users. Cloud Server forms from a virtualized infrastructure which is built from the leading technologies of Cisco, Netapp, Wmware, etc. which guarantees on the way of operation, speeds of faster processing for the maximum productivity.

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